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The Eisenhower Center provides job training and education to disabled individuals.

Eisenhower Center is a nonprofit organization that provides vocational training and a safe, warm and welcoming educational environment to individuals with severe disabilities in the metro-Milwaukee area. The Center’s 66,000 s.f. workshop facility, located at 4425 W. Woolworth Avenue, employs more than 100 individuals with developmental and physical disabilities who provide packaging, assembly, product rework, and mail order handwork for businesses across the United States with an impressive 100% quality control record.

Along with providing job training, Eisenhower Center offers educational classes in daily living, cooking, music, computer, and other life skills. These services are provided with the assistance of case management and social services professionals who work one-on-one with participants in the program. This individualized care helps to ensure that everyone is able to participate as fully as possible in the activities provided by the Center and in their own daily living skills. 

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Hurtado Zimmerman SC staff volunteer at Eisenhower Center to assist with administrative duties, helping the employees of the Center serve participants.

Donations to the Eisenhower Center have a direct impact on the lives of its participants and employees, as well as the services made available at the Center. They help to pay for classroom and healthcare supplies, client services, transportation expenses, and special adaptive equipment necessary for individuals to undertake work activities. 

To help ensure that the Eisenhower Center is able to continue providing job training and educational services to disabled individuals in the Milwaukee area, the current list of requested donations for Eisenhower Center includes:

  • $6,000 – one day of cold-weather emergency shut down fund
  • $5,000 – acquiring a Sara Lift sit-to-stand disability lift
  • $2,500 – stocking our emergency food pantry for 6 months
  • $1,000 – funding 15 hours of workplace readiness training
  • $500 – purchasing 3 months of classroom supplies for the EducationProgram
  • $250 – 1 month of daily healthcare supplies
  • $100 – sponsors a day of services for one client
  • $50 – provides a day of transportation expenses for one client

To learn more about Eisenhower Center or how you can provide a donation to its programs, visit ikecenter.com.

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