Mayville Open Door Inc.

Mayville Open Door Inc.

Hurtado Zimmerman S.C. supports Mayville Open Door Inc.’s mission of providing a community center and educational opportunities to Mayville, Wisconsin and surrounding communities.

Mayville Open Door Inc. has developed The Open Door Coffeehouse, founded in 2015.  Observing a trend of increased poverty, high school dropout rates, and broken families, founder Amber Schraufnagel saw an opportunity for helping her community through mentoring.

In Rural America, programs like these are few and far between, but Mayville Open Door has made a significant impact on the community and in Dodge County. By providing programs like parenting classes, family nights, moms groups, mental health seminars, tutoring, and after school programs, all free to the community…they are helping community members become better parents, have stronger life skills, building more stable families, break addictions, and help students reach sound academic goals.

One program participant shared: “Thank you for providing a safe space where my child can learn life skills while just being a kid! The abilities she has learned have provided some emotional and physical relief to us as her parents as well.”

To learn more and to support Mayville’s mission, find them on Facebook, Instagram, or on their website.  You can also visit their beautiful coffeehouse at 20 S Main St, Mayville, WI. The profits from their coffeehouse help pay for their programs and the coffeehouse community space serves as the site for their special programs.