MItchell Street Development Opportunities Corp

The Mitchell Street Development Opportunities Corporation (MSDOC) is a non-profit entity dedicated to the development and improvement of Historic Mitchell Street, located on Milwaukee’s near South side.

Located southwest of downtown Milwaukee, Historic Mitchell Street is one of Milwaukee’s premier commercial corridors. Stretching from 5th Street to 15th Street, it once rivaled the City’s downtown shopping district with fine retail stores that sold furniture, shoes, hats, men’s and women’s wear, baked goods, wedding gowns, meat, sheet music, jewelry and candy, to name a few. Second-floor offices housed professional offices of doctors, lawyers, dentists, photographers and architects. 

Today, many of the buildings on Historic Mitchell Street still retain their historic architecture and are now home to new and exciting cultural clothing, dining and shopping destinations. Recent developments include the new Gerald Ignace Indian Health Center and the new Mitchell Street branch of the Milwaukee Public Library. On the four floors above the new library and in a free-standing structure to the North (Alexander Lofts) are 60 luxury apartments carved out of former retail space. The street is also home to two of the City’s most beautiful churches - St. Anthony Church and St. Stanislaus Church.

Historic Mitchell Street has a rich history of diversity. Early residents of Historic Mitchell Street and the surrounding neighborhood were primarily Polish, Slovakian, Lithuanian, Bohemian, Dutch, and Hungarian, interspersed with Asian and Jewish populations. Each of these populations contributed significantly to the diversity and prominence of the street in Milwaukee. Today, Mexican Americans, along with other Latinos from the Caribbean and Central and South America, comprise the largest population of the street and surrounding neighborhoods,  joined with Southeast Asian, African American and North American Indian populations.

In 2002, MSDOC developed and built a three-story multi-use building located at 627 W. Historic Mitchell Street, which currently houses several businesses.

MSDOC also currently owns a building at 1134 W. Historic Mitchell Street, Milwaukee, WI, which includes several retail shops and the historic Modjeska Theater. MSDOC has been working to breathe life back into the Modjeska and again see it prosper and be available for the Milwaukee community. MSDOC has repaired the roof and mechanical systems and volunteers have cleaned up the theater. Ultimately, however, the Theater must be operated by a company with theater or venue management and operations experience. MSDOC is currently working with to find an entity to provide capital improvements, management and operations of the Modjeska Theater, with the ultimate end-use of the Modjeska being available again for concerts, movies, and community events. Bryan Kroes serves as Board Member for MSDOC and has provided pro bono legal services related to recent real estate initiatives for the group.