Construction Liens

Construction liens are a critical tool for protecting a contractor’s right to payment. Wisconsin’s lien statutes provide important tools for contractors to secure rights to payment, but adherence to procedures is critical to ensuring a properly perfected lien. It can be all too easy to make an error that makes it impossible to enforce your lien. We know the law, because we helped write Wisconsin’s lien law.

Conversely liens present particular challenges to project owners and general contractors to project their financial interests in the property that is being improved. Understanding the lien process and the rights and remedies available is critical to protecting property rights and avoiding the potential for double payments under the statute.

We have experience in preparing and filing liens, and effective strategies to ensure liens are properly perfected, including calculating deadlines, obtaining service on difficulty owners, leveraging liens to negotiate payments, and foreclosing liens through sheriff’s sale.

We also have experience in defending against improper liens by establishing lien invalidity, filing of undertakings and bonds, actions for slander of title and theft by contractor, and advancing claims for title insurance coverage.

When it comes to liens, timing can be everything.  Do not delay in seeking legal advice regarding your rights when it comes to liens.