Entertainment Attorney in the Milwaukee Area

Entertainment Attorney in the Milwaukee Area

entertainment lawExperts in Music Law, Copyright Law, IP, and Contract Negotiations in the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Law is a complex field that encompasses contract negotiation and review, intellectual property rights, corporate issues and claims resolution. At Hurtado Zimmerman SC, we assist individual performers, groups and companies working in creative and entertainment industries to address legal issues so they can pursue their passion. With backgrounds in the arts, our skilled attorneys can help you to be successful in many aspects of the entertainment industry.

Our clients include: Experienced and beginner musicians, producers, promoters, filmmakers, authors, publishers, venues, record labels and other creative individuals.

Hurtado Zimmerman SC provides legal services for:

  • Preparing and negotiating entertainment law agreements, including:
    • Performance
    • Collaboration
    • Talent
    • Recording
    • Licensing
    • Distribution
    • Publishing
    • Production
    • Depiction
    • Location
    • Personnel
    • Rights of publicity
  • Advice regarding protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights
  • Preparing federal copyright applications and related filings
  • Preparing corporate documents for entertainment entities
  • Performing Rights Organization registration and royalty management
  • General business advice regarding entertainment law matters

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