Love>hate Project

Love>hate Project

LOVE>hate ProjectThe LOVE>hate Project’s mission is to end violence and choose love over hate.

The LOVE>hate Project is a non-profit organization created in memory of 19-year-old Jessie Blodgett, who was sexually assaulted and murdered by a friend in July of 2013. Her father, Dr. Buck Blodgett’s response to the death of his only child was not to speak with anger, hate, or revenge; instead he spoke about resolving violent attacks against women with resilience, forgiveness, and love. In that spirit of spreading love while bringing awareness to the urgent issue of stemming violence against women, Dr. Blodgett founded The LOVE>hate Project in 2015.

The mission of The LOVE>hate Project is to end male-on-female violence, and for ALL people to choose love over hate. LOVE>hate is a message organization, aiming to impact thinking, speaking, behaviors, and to change culture. LOVE>hate uses a community-wide aligned approach with a goal to substantially and measurably decrease male-on-female violence.

Since the founding of the Project, Jessie’s story has been presented to hundreds of audiences on university campuses, at high schools, conferences, prisons, and community groups. This tragic story is used to educate, inspire, and motivate people to be resilient, end violence, and choose love. In addition to these presentations, Love>hate is involved in building community programs with local businesses, schools, and churches to bring awareness to the issue of eradicating violence against women, and to ending human trafficking and bullying in schools.

Our staff donates time to staff crisis call lines and helps share posters to raise awareness as the Project expands its services to the Greater Milwaukee area.

Donations to The LOVE>hate Project go directly toward expanding the outreach of their programs.

To learn more about this organization and its initiatives, add your voice to their survey committed to ending violence to women and girls, subscribe to their quarterly newsletter, or to make a donation to further the cause please click here.