Mercy Housing Lakefront

Mercy Housing Lakefront

Lisa at Mercy Housing Lakefront Don't look back, there's nowhere to go but up now.Mercy Housing Lakefront’s mission is to provide quality, safe and affordable housing. 

Mercy Housing Lakefront was founded in 1986 with a mission to create stable, vibrant, and healthy communities by developing, financing, and operating affordable, program-enriched housing for families, seniors, and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Mercy Housing’s work spans 41 states, managed through five regional business centers. Hurtado Zimmerman SC has been fortunate to work with Mercy Housing Lakefront, which directs operations in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, and currently provides over 1,000 affordable homes at 9 properties located throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

Mercy Housing Lakefront recognizes that rent burden, housing instability, and homelessness have broad ranging negative impacts on people’s health, education, and economic security. As a result, its current goal is to expand its operations in communities in the Lakefront region that continue to struggle with a shortage of affordable housing. 

Lisa’s experience as a Mercy Housing Lakefront resident is an example of Mercy’s exceptional programming. When she first came to Mercy, Lisa was homeless, struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and contemplating suicide. She desperately needed a stable home and support system to support her healing. “St. Catherine’s played a wonderful role in my life. I wouldn’t have been able to transition living totally on my own without that help.” Today Lisa is sober, just purchased her first home, and is looking forward to starting a family with her husband.

Hurtado Zimmerman SC has been honored to work with Mercy Housing Lakefront for many years. Kimberly Hurtado has served as Co-Chair of the Mercy Housing Wisconsin Advisory Council, and our firm has undertaken a number of initiatives to improve the quality of life of the women living at St. Catherine’s Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hurtado Zimmerman has provided in kind and monetary donations for kitchen equipment, library books, clothing, towels and bed linens for residents, and to its Capital Improvements Campaign. This past summer and fall, the firm also donated perennials for the front gardens at St. Catharine’s and firm members have been gardening with residents to help beautify the Center.

With your generosity, Mercy Housing Lakefront can continue its mission to provide quality, safe and affordable housing for families and individuals, creating a safe, supportive environment for women like Lisa, who would otherwise be homeless. To support this mission please visit: